These days you can’t turn on the television without hearing about immigration.  The news contains information about a border wall, executive orders restricting travel for immigrants from certain countries, and the customary discussions about immigration reform.  You also hear about protests on immigration and attorney’s fighting in court.  Immigrants in this country are concerned about their future, and rightfully so.  Whether it be current or future executive orders, laws being passed, a total ban on immigration, or the unlikely mass deportation of all immigrants, United States Citizenship may be the perfect option for you.  The solution is to become a United States Citizen.

Becoming a United States citizen will provide you with the security you may be looking for.  United States citizens cannot be deported from the United States.  Your status as a United States citizen cannot be removed, unless citizenship was obtained illegally or fraudulently.  For the most part, United States citizens will be immune from any immigration changes in the law.  United States Citizenship also has many benefits including:

  1. The ability to sponsor your spouse, parents, siblings, and fiancé(e) for permanent residence;
  2. You can obtain citizenship for your children under the age of 18;
  3. You have the right to vote, and serve on a jury;
  4. You can be eligible for federal employment and benefits, many of which are reserved for United States Citizens;
  5. You can be eligible for federal grants and scholarships;
  6. Your residency cannot be taken away and you cannot be deported;
  7. You have the right to become an elected official; and
  8. You can travel with a US Passport.

Now is the time to apply for United States Citizenship and get ultimate protection in the United States.  If you are in the United States as a permanent resident, and you qualify, now would be the time to file your application for Naturalization.  You must act diligently, and swiftly to obtain protections given to United States Citizens.

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Our Experienced Attorneys Can Also Help You With:

  • Get a Visa or Green Card for Your Spouse, Fiancé(e), Children, Parents, or Siblings
  • Get Sponsored by a Family Member
  • Get a Visa or Green Card Through Employment
  • Get a Visa or Green Card to Start or Buy a Business

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