L-1 Business Visa

An L visa is a great visa for people looking to expand a foreign business in the United States, and for employees looking to transfer to the United States and transition to Green Card holders.  This allows business owners to create an affiliated businesses in the United States, and move them and their entire family here.

This visa allows an employee who has worked for the foreign corporation for at least one of the last three years to obtain a visa, and be transferred to work for an affiliate, parent, subsidiary, or branch of the foreign company.  If the company has yet to open a United States office, this visa can be used for the employee who holds the title as executive, manager, or worker with specialized knowledge to obtain a one year visa to create a business in the United States. The employee can bring his family with him to the United States, and this temporary visa has a path to obtain permanent resident status also known as a green card.  Another great benefit is the company does not have to go through the typical lengthy and costly labor certification process.  The labor certification process carries no guarantees of success but is required with other employment based visas.

The L visa is granted for a term of 3 years for executive, managers, and workers with specialized knowledge being transferred to the United States.  If you are seeking to open a new business in the United States affiliated with a foreign corporation, the visa is granted for a term of 1 year only.  At the expiration of the 1 year you can seek a traditional renewal.  Extensions are permitted in 2 year increments, up to a maximum of 7 years for managers or executives, and 5 years for workers with specialized knowledge.

Part of the requirements to obtain, and maintain, and L-1 visa include:

Obtaining an L-1 can be a complicated process.  The initial grant of an L visa is not sufficient to have you live in the United States permanently.  You must plan accordingly to have your L visa renewed prior to its expiration.  Furthermore, if your goal is permanent residency also known as a green card you should consult with a Shupe Dhawan attorney immediately.  Shupe Dhawan has significant experience handling employment based L visas and can handle your case.  We help clients from all over the world immigrate to the United States.  Please contact us to setup your consultation and to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.  You can contact us by phone at 954-507-7220. We look forward to assisting you with your immigration needs.

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