The Effect of Divorce on a Conditional Green Card

What if I am Divorced? – The Effect of Divorce on a Conditional Green Card

Typically when you are granted a conditional green card due to marriage, a condition to keep that green card is that you have to stay married. If you get divorced during this conditional period, and you wish to stay in the United States, you need to take immediate steps to have the condition removed or waived.

If you are successful in having the conditions removed or waived, you can then apply for United States citizenship. You cannot apply for United States Citizenship three years after your marriage since you have now gotten divorced. It is important to ensure that you meet the statutory waiting period of five years before filing your citizenship application. Furthermore, it is crucial that your marriage was bona-fide when entered into. Short marriages of less than 2 years can trigger marriage fraud or sham marriage questions. Though you may have overcome this already when you were granted your initial green card, upon application for citizenship, your entire application can be re-reviewed, including your initial grounds for having your green card granted.

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