Not Everyone Should Apply for US Citizenship

Not everyone is a good candidate for United States Citizenship. It is extremely important to have an experienced attorney assist with your Naturalization application.

Many people do not realize that 30% of the people in deportation proceedings were placed their simply by submitting an application for United States Citizenship. When you apply for citizenship, your entire immigration file is re-reviewed, and your initial grounds for being granted a green card or visa are reviewed again. If there are any misrepresentations, omissions, or even inconsistencies, the officer may deny your citizenship application, and worse subsequently place you in deportation proceedings.

Your record subsequent to being granted your green card is reviewed as well. The officer considers whether you paid taxes, have been arrested or convicted of any crimes, especially those crimes involving moral turpitude, and whether you are current on any child support or spousal support payments.

Applying for United States Citizenship is not a process you should rush into. If there are any red flags or issues apparent in your application, it may be best to attempt to rehabilitate yourself and strategically prepare a strong application for citizenship, or worst case scenario decide not to apply entirely.

So before applying for citizenship and naturalization please contact Ft Lauderdale Immigration Lawyer Neil Dhawan. We will review your case and help guide you through the citizenship process.

Be sure to watch the other videos on our US Citizenship and Naturalization page.

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