Shupe | Dhawan is proud to sponsor Intense Fitness, LLC’s “Burpees for Boobs!” fundraiser challenge as the gym works toward raising $10,000.00 for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.  For those who have ever stepped foot into a gym, the word burpee immediately triggers a cringe worthy response.  Thankfully, in this instance it is the trainers who have to do all the hard work while the clients can sit back and simply donate.

The challenge will last the entire month of October.  Clients, friends, and family members sponsor individual trainers and donate an amount for each burpee the trainer completes.  The total number of burpees are tallied daily and at the end of the month the appropriate matching donations are made.  Clients can also do on the spot challenges as well.

Every dollar raised will be donated to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.  More information about Intense Fitness and the challenge can be found at Shupe | Dhawan.  There is a short video which ends with a five burpee demonstration for those of us who are still curious.

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