What is an Immigration Sanctuary City?

The Truth About Immigration Sanctuary Cities Revealed!  With so much conflicting information, finally the truth about sanctuary cities is revealed.  In general, with immigration enforcement in the news daily, you may have heard this term called sanctuary city.   These cities do not enforce all federal immigration laws.  These cities do what is best for their residents. Contrary to popular belief, sanctuary cities do not provide refuge to all immigrants.  Sanctuary cities do not shield immigrants from being rounded up and deported by the federal government.  Sanctuary cities have policies and programs in place with the ultimate goal of doing what is in the best interest of its local residents.

The reasoning behind these sanctuary city policies include strengthening relations between the police and residents and ensuring these residents feel comfortable reporting crimes without worrying about the immigration consequences.  Additionally, another advantage is it permits the local police departments to determine how they will allocate and devote their resources.  Finally, the local enforcement agencies are shielded from liability in carrying out federal immigration laws.

The American Immigration Council has put out a great fact sheet on sanctuary policies.    Statistics in the report show great benefits to sanctuary cities including lower crime, higher median household income, lower poverty, lower reliance on public assistance, higher participation in the labor force, and lower unemployment.  In other words, there is a great tangible advantage to the local communities in these sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities operate by:

  1. Restricting ability of police to make arrests for federal immigration violations;
  2. State and Local law enforcement refusing to enter into enforcement agreements with ICE (immigration and customs enforcement);
  3. Refusing to hold immigrants in detention;
  4. Not seeking information from those detained or arrested about immigration status;
  5. Refusing to allow ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) into local jails without a warrant; and
  6. Limiting immigration enforcement in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, and places of worship.

The truth about the benefits of Immigration sanctuary cities to all residents include:

  1. Offering English language classes;
  2. Issuing drivers licenses to all residents;
  3. Providing equal access to bail for all immigrants;
  4. Training for public defenders and state attorneys on immigration consequences; and
  5. Establishing policies for those who are the victims of crimes and having the victims cooperate with police enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible

As a result, policies created by counties, cities, and states benefit the the local communities.  Furthermore, additional benefits are had by these local communities refusing to be deputized by the federal government and execute federal immigration laws,

Currently, Donald Trump is threatening to withhold all federal funding for sanctuary cities.  The intent is to force these cities to comply with federal immigration laws.  Miami-Dade county recently voted to end its sanctuary city designation and agreed to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.  Only time will tell if other cities will follow suit to end their sanctuary status, or wait and see if the federal government will follow through with their threat and the federal funding will disappear.

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