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If your insurance company denies, undervalues, or underpays your claim, you need a Shupe Dhawan insurance attorney on your side! Your insurance company has experts working for them, you should too!

You pay for insurance to protect your biggest investment…your home. If you are faced with having to make a claim, you are probably like many who are shocked to see how little your insurance company is willing to pay to settle your claim. Insurance companies are large corporations who charge high premiums, high deductibles, then deny and underpay claims to ensure they continue to earn record-breaking profits.

If you are in the terrible position of having to decide how to pay for your own repairs and how to put your house back together, it is time to consider hiring an insurance attorney to represent you. We are a team of lawyers and work with engineers, general contractors, and experts to ensure you get the coverage you deserve so you can make the necessary repairs.

Don’t let the insurance company dictate how much you will get paid. You have done everything to comply with the insurance contract, and we can help you make sure the insurance company holds up their side of the deal by paying you what you are owed.

Most of the time our attorney’s fees are paid by the insurance company! So give us a call and let an insurance lawyer review your claim.

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